Iris Hand Painted Custom Law Headband
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Iris Hand Painted Headband


Iris Hand Painted Custom Law Headband

-100% gauzy cotton
-elastic strap
-one of a kind
-made in the USA
-Will have slight variations between pieces

These were custom painted by Cuddles and Threads. Check out their work here:

Gauzy cotton headband with gathered stretch back for easy, effortless wear.

Ann Wilson has long enjoyed using various items – scarves, bandanas, and headbands – to wear in her hair. They offer an instant “look” without the effort and fuss of an elaborate hairstyle. When Ann was deciding on what accessories to offer through LAW, headbands were an obvious choice.

Unsurprisingly, Ann wanted LAW headbands to be unique. To start, the comfortable cotton headbands can be worn in a variety of ways. If the top portion is spread out (see photo of ann to the left), the headband takes on a look of a small bandana or scarf. If bunched, the band takes on a more classic appearance.  A subtle red “!” is embroidered on the side of each band.

The classic headband is available in a crisp white. As the name implies, it offers a classic, clean look that works in a variety of settings.

The hand-painted headbands are a spin on the classic look. Every headband is one-of-a-kind. The look is striking. These headbands allow each individual wearing them the opportunity to express themselves in a fun and unique way. We suggest you browse through the different options, and select one(s) that speaks to you.

As always, Ann has carefully selected and approved the headbands.  We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we have enjoyed creating them!

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Iris Hand Painted Custom Law Headband
Variations in iris headband
Iris Hand Painted Custom Law Headband
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Law Headband
Iris Hand Painted Custom
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