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Gold Infinite Lotus Necklace


Infinite Lotus - Gold

  • lotus - new beginnings, infinite potential
  • white topaz - awareness, creativity, harmony
  • 18kt gold plated over brass - stimulating & uplifting
  • 30” length

Ann Wilson and Satya jewelry invite you to experience the love, light and infinite possibility that went into creating these specially designed necklaces. A portion of the proceeds from each sale of these necklaces will benefit the Satya Foundation, which helps children’s charities worldwide. 

“The lotus,” Wilson says of the infinite lotus necklace, “opens new beginnings and possibilities. it whispers, ‘I am not empty, I am open.' ” available in both sterling silver and 18k gold plate, the hand-crafted piece is hand-etched with a lotus, representing infinite potential and transformation.

*more information about the satya foundation can be found here

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